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Website Development

Using a combination of WordPress and custom coding, KDJ Communication builds extravagant and responsive websites for any of your organization’s needs.  We build clean and fast websites for a range of necessities.  Ask about your new website below!

Inbound Marketing

By building website content that offers more than just a product, your business increases its value to potential customers.  KDJ Communication can help create a website that is easy to find (SEO), fun to explore (Web Design), and helpful to visitors (Content creation).  Improve your inbound marketing and let the customers come to you!

Social Media

Having a social media presence is more than just having a page.  We offer uniquely developed and personalized campaigns for your organization. That way we can engage and grow your audience.  Ask for a free consultation today!

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What else we provide?

Content Creation

Whether you need new beautiful photography for your website, shareable articles for your blog, or engaging posts for your social media channels, KDJ Communication can create it for you.

Free coffee

Everyone needs coffee, clients included.  If you prefer tea, we’ll try not to judge you.


Having original content sets you apart from the stock photo websites and social media pages.  We offer professional grade photography for your employee pages, architectural photos to show your office space, and artistic photos for your social media pages.

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Who we are?

KDJ Communication is an organization dedicated to making online communication simple and fun. We work with your business's personal goals to build an online presence that engages and attracts the customers you want to have. By using a range of communication strategies, we assure the best outcomes for your business.

  • Content Creation
  • Website Development and Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Original Photography


About me

Keifer Johnson is a graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver.  He is an avid traveler and a self proclaimed ‘Jack of all Trades’.  With a career in communications that began early in his university career, Keifer continued to learn and improve.  After years of working for a range of businesses and organizations, he has honed the skills necessary to help businesses on a contract basis.  Now, with the brand of KDJ Communication behind him, Keifer has cemented himself as a high end professional in the field of communications.

With specialties in SEO content creation, social media marketing, and website development, Keifer continues to expand his working realm.  As the online world continues to change, Keifer continues to learn and play with the newest features of the web.  He is dedicated to offering the best products and services for his clients, and works relentlessly for it.

Keifer Johnson, CEO

“I developed a great working relationship with Keifer and his dedication to increasing my reader engagement with his SEO content creation for my website was evident in all aspects of my site. I especially appreciate his thorough research and attention to details in bringing new articles to life.”

SEO, Content creation, client
Patrick Ginise Owner, The Grilling Life

“Keifer’s work is fantastic! With his help, my site became more user friendly and patrons became less hesitant to give the service a try. He listened to what I wanted, and then took the time to research how to best promote my classes. I would recommend him to anyone looking to better market their business!”

Julie Ahrens Head instructor, Grasshoppers Movement and Coordination